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Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK)
Indigenous Technical Knowledge (ITK) is specifically concerned with actual application of the thinking of the local people in various operations of agriculture and allied areas. Indigenous Knowledge refers to the unique, traditional, local knowledge existing within and developed around the specific conditions of women and men indigenous to a particular geographic area. Indigenous knowledge is the local knowledge - knowledge that is unique to a given culture or society. IK contrasts with the international knowledge system generated by universities, research institutions and private firms. It is the basis for local-level decision inagriculture, health care, food preparation, education, natural resource management, and a host of their activities in rural communities. Indigenous knowledge is the information base for a society, which facilitates communication and decision-making. Indigenous information systems are dynamic, and are continually influenced by internal creativity and experimentation as well as by contact with external systems . The term indigenous technical knowledge is often camouflaged with the belief that is associated with forthcoming happenings and the innovations made by the farmers to solve specific problems