Dr. M. BalaKrishnan

M.Sc.(CS), MBA, Ph.D.(CS), PGDBI

Contact Address

Information and Communication Management Division,NAARM,Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030 Phone (Office): 91-40-24581317

Email Address: balakrishnan@naarm.org.in; M.Balakrishnan@icar.gov.in

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Dr M. Balakrishnan started his career as Scientist at CARI, Port Blair, in 1999 and served there for one decade for various posts (as scientist Rescale and Sr. Scientist). Then he moved to NAARM and is working as Senior Scientist since July 2012 and was later promoted to the position of Principal Scientist

Areas of Interest:

Area of Interest
Prediction Modelling, Artificial Neural Networks, Genetic Algorithm and Information Systems, Forecasting model, Bioinformatics, Computational biology, Molecular Modeling, Genome Sequencing, Data mining, development of Software/tools for bioinformatics applications and Agro biodiversity etc.

Recent Publications
Balakrishnan, M., Sindhu and S.Rajamanikandan. (2011). Prediction of integration of HIV-I Integrase and Raltegravir through molecular modeling approach, Journal of Pharmacy Research, Vol (5).5,1391-1393.

M.Balakrishnan, M.Ramachandran and R.C Srivastava (2011). “Design and Development of Aloe Vera Chemical Constituent Systems (ACCS)”, Journal of Pharmacy Research Vol.4. (10), pp3702-3704

T.V.R.S.Sharma., M.Balakrishnan, N.Ganeshiah, T.C.Shyju and R.C Srivastava (2011). “Alien Flora into fragile Ecosystem of Andaman and Nicobar Islands- A Major Concern”, Journal Indian society of coastal agricultural research, 29(1),106-109,2011.

S. Jeyakumar, A.Kundu, T.Sujatha, Jai sunder, Kuntala Roy, M.S.Kundu, S.K.Verma, Subhash Chand. M.Balakrishnan and R.C.Srivastava (2011). “Effect of Calcium Supplementation on Lactation Performance of Cows. Indian J. Dairy Science, 64(1): 76-78.

S. Jeyakumar, R.C Srivastava, KuntalaRoy, S. Arunkumar, P.C. Sarmah, A. Kundu, T. Damodaran, N. Ravisankar, M. Balakrishnan, S.K.Zamir Ahmed, T.P.Swapna and Zacchariah George (2011). “Prevalence of eye worm Oxyspiruramansoni (Cobbold,1897) infection of domestic fowl in Andaman Islands. Journal of Veterinary Parasitology, 25(2): 171-172.
S Jeyakumar, A Kundu, Kuntola Roy, Jai Sunder, T Sujatha, MS Kundu, SK Verma, Subhash Chand, M Balakrishnan, RC Srivastava (2011).Transvaginal Ultrasonography for Diagnosis of Ovarian Abscess in a Cow, Indian Veterinary Journal, 88(10):111-115.

Balakrishnan, M., R.C Srivastava and Ramachandran (2012). “Database Design for Marine and Fresh Water Algae Resources in Andaman and Nicobar Islands”, Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 82(2): 66-69.

S. Jeyakumar*[1], Arun Kumar De, A. Kundu*3, Kunto Ray*Jai Sunder, M.S. Kundu, M. Balakrishnan, Subash Chand and S.K. Zamir ahmed (2013) Sonographic characteristics of goat testis on water bath based ultrasonography Journal homepage: www.elsevier.com/locate/livsci, Livestock Science 152(2013) 79-87

Balakrishnan,M., Grinson-George, P. Krishnan, M. Kaliyamoorthy, Titus-Immanuel and S.K. Soam (2013).Interactive digital database on coral biodiversity of Andaman – an ICT initiative to digitize and manage an ecologically sensitive resource due to climate change, Special Issue, Vol.15, PP-205-208.

Ravisankar, N., M Balakrishnan, S K Ambast, R C Srivastava, N Bommayasamy and  T Subramani  (2014) Influence of irrigation and crop residue mulching on yield and water productivity of table purpose groundnut (Arachis hypogaea) in humid tropical Island” International journal of Legume Research,  Volume 37 Issue 2 ,April 2014,pp:195-200 (NAAS rating 6.6).

Balakrishnan, M., and C. Parthiban (2013) “Development of an Expert System for Dimensional and the Resolution of Soil Texture using Data Mining Concept” International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, 4 (9), July–August, 2013,56-59.

Ani Dath and M. Balakrishnan (2013) “Development of an Expert System for Agricultural Commodities” International Journal of Advanced Research in Computer Science, Volume 2, No. 07, September 2013,74-90(ISSN – 2278-1080).

Balakrishnan,M., and  S.K.Soam (2015) “Phytopathosys:determination of plant pathogenic organism and characterization by phytopatho  information systems” International Journal of Plant Protection, 8 (1), April 2015, ,190-193.

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