Dr. Ranjit Kumar

B.Sc. (Ag), M.Sc. (Dairy Economics)Ph.D. (Agril. Economics) IARI, New Delhi

Contact Address

Agribusiness Management Division, NAARM , Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030. Phone (Office): +91-40-24581340

Email Address: ranjitkumar@naarm.org.in; ranjit.iari@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Dr Ranjit started his career as Scientist in the year 2000 at IARI, New Delh, where conducted several research study on technology adoption and impact. Also taught and guided post-graduate students in the discipline of Agricultural Economics. In 2007, got selected as Senior Scientist and joined ICAR-IISS, Bhopal. After serving for 3 years, I was transferred to ICAR-NAARM in the Agribusiness Management Division. In 2014, joined ICRISAT (on deputation) and coordinating BMGF-funded project on ‘Village Dynamics studies in South Asia (VDSA)’. Received Biennial Young Scientist Award in Social Science from ICAR, Best Research Paper Award by the Agricultural Economics Research Association, New Delhi and Best Poster Award in 12th Asian Maize Conference, Bangkok.

Areas of Interest:

Area of Interest

Rural/agricultural transformation, Producer Companies, value chain analysis, policy research, Risk management

Recent Publications: (in last 5 years)

  1. Anu SS, Ranjit Kumar, Kaechele H and Muller K. 2016. Quantifying household vulnerability triggered by drought: Evidences from rural India. Climate and Development, (online), http://dx.doi.org/10.1080/17565529.2016.1193461.
  2. Ranjit Kumar, Surjit V, Bantilan C, Lagesh MA and Yadav US. 2015. Truncated Access to Institutional Agricultural Credit as a Major Constraint for Rural Transformation: Insights from Longitudinal Village Studies. Agricultural Economics Research Review, Vol. 28 (Conf No.): 137-150.
  3. Ranjit Kumar, Uttam Deb, Cynthia Bantilan, N Nagaraj and M Bhattarai (2015) Economic growth and rural transformation in Eastern India: Strategies for Inclusive Growth. Indian Journal of Economics and Development, Vol. 11, No. 3: 779-797.
  4. Ranjit Kumar, K Srinivas, NK Boiraju and PC Gedam (2014) Production performance of maize in India: Approaching an inflection point. International Journal of Agriculture and Statistical Sciences, 10(1): 241-248.
  5. Srivastava SK, VC Mathur, N Sivaramane, Ranjit Kumar, Rooba Hasan and PC Meena (2013) Unravelling Food Basket of Indian Households: Revisiting Underlying Changes and Future Food Demand. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 68(4): 535-551.
  6. Sendhil R, D Babu, Ranjit Kumar and K Srinivas (2013) How far do egg markets in India conform to the Law of One Price?. African Journal of Agricultural Research, 8 (48): 6093-6100.
  7. Srivastava SK, VC Mathur, Ranjit Kumar, N Sivaramane and GK Jha (2013) Household Demand and Supply of Milk and Milk Products in India: Regional Trends and Future Projections. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, 9(1): 353-363.
  8. Srivastava SK, Ranjit Kumar, M Hema and Rooba Hasan (2013) Inter-regional variations and future household demand and production of major spices in India. Journal of Spices and Aromatic Crops, 22(1): 47-56.
  9. Babu D, Ranjit Kumar and Tamanna Chaturvedi (2012) Market identification process for agricultural exports in India: A case study of cashewnuts, Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing, 26 (3): 200-209.
  10. Ranjit Kumar, Khurshid Alam, Vijesh V Krishna and K Srinivas (2012) Value chain analysis of maize seed delivery system in public and private sectors in Bihar. Agricultural Economics Research Review, 25: 387-398.
  11. Amit Kumar, Ranjit Kumar and KH Rao (2012) Enabling efficient supply chain in dairying using GIS: A case of private dairy industry in Andhra Pradesh state. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, 67(3): 395-404.

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