Dr. S. Ravichandran

Ph.D. (AGRICULTURAL STATISTICS)Undergone training in Online and Distance Learning (ODL), Open Educational Resources (OER) and Open Course Ware (OCW) in Cornell University, Ithaca, New York during 2014.


Contact Address

Information & Communication Management Division, NAARM, Rajendranagar, Hyderabad-500 030. Phone (Office): +91-40-24581338

Email Address: ravichandran@naarm.org.in

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Dr S. Ravichandran started his career as Scientist (Agricultural Statistics ) at Sugarcane Breeding institute , Coimbatore in 1990 after complition of FCARPM training in June 1989 at NAARM, Hyderabad. Worked in DOR (1995-1996), ICAR Head Quarters ,Krishi Bhavan (1996-2001) and Directorate of Rice Research (2001-2013). Dr. Ravichandran joined NAARM in 2013 as Principal Scientist(Agricultural Statistics).Dr Ravichandran has been involved in developing statistical crop forecasting methodologies  for various crops.

Areas of Interest:

Area of Interest
Statistical Analysis of experimental data, Artificial Neural Networking, Time Series Forecasting, Crop Modelling, Climate Change Modelling, Sample surveys and methodologies, Big Data Analytics.

Recent Publications
1. Priya C.Kareemulla, K.Kareemulla and S.Ravichandran (2015) Analysis of State and National Level Performance of Indian Forestry. Int.J.Agril.Stat.Sci. Vol.11, Supplement 1, pp.2213-220, 2015.
2. Suneetha Kota, S S Singh, A M Singh, T Mohapatra, A K Ahlawat, S. Ravichandran and P. Brajendra (2013) The Variation and Stability Analysis of Starch Pasting Properties among New Plant Type (NPT) wheat derivatives. Journal of Agril. Science and Technology.
3. S.Ravichandran, P. Raghuveer Rao and P.Muthuraman (2011). Modelling India’s rice production with changing climate, Int.J. of Agri. and Stat. Sci, Vol.7, No.2.
4. S.Ravichandran, P.Muthuraman and P.R.Rao.(2012) Time series Modelling and Forecasting India’s Rice Production – ARIMA vs STM Modelling Approaches. Int.J. of Agri. and Stat. Sci, Vol.8, No.1.
5. Sujatha KB, Babu, SM, Ranganathan S, Rao DN, Ravichandran S and Voleti, SR. (2012) Silicon accumulation and its influence on some of the leaf characteristics, membrane stability and yield in rice hybrids and varieties (Oryza sativa L.) grown under aerobic situation. J. of plant nutrition, Vol.36.
6. Suneetha Kota, S.S. Singh, T.Mohapatra, A. M. Singh, Brajendra and S. Ravichandran (2013). Genotype x Environment interaction for grain yield in new plant type (NPT wheat derivatives. SABRAO Journal of Breeding and Genetics.
7. G.P.Reddy, N.Sivaramane, S.Ravichandran, A.S.Rana and B.Mishra (2014). Mitigation Strategies for Combating Climate Change in Maharastra. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, Vol.10, Supplement 1, pp. 293-298.
8. A Kumar, P.K.Pande, S.Ravichandran,S. et al. (2012). Genetic analysis of growth and wood variations in Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) de Wit.J. of Forestry Research, 24(1).
9. Kumar, A. Bhatt, S. Ravichandran, V. Kumar and S. Dobhal (2011). Genotype x environmental interactions for analyzing adaptability and stability in different clones of Dalbergia sissoo Roxb”. J. of Forestry Research.
10. R Mahender Kumar, K Surekha, Ch Padmavathi, LV Subba Rao, PC Latha, MS Prasad, V Ravindra Babu, AS Ramprasad, OP Rupela, Vinod Goud, P Muthu Raman, N Somashekar, S Ravichandran, SP Singh, BC Viraktamath (2010) Research experiences on system of rice intensification and future directions. Journal of Rice Research, Volume 2, Issue 2.

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