Dr. Yashavanth B S

M.Sc. (Agricultural Statistics), Ph.D

Contact Address

Phone (Office):

Email Address: yashavanth@naarm.org.in, yashavanthbs@gmail.com

Curriculum Vitae

Work Experience

Dr. BS Yashavanth joined ICAR-NAARM as Scientist in 2016. Earlier, he worked as Scientist-B in Central Sericultural Research and Training Institute, Central Silk Board, Mysore (2015-2016) and as Statistician at AXA Business Services Pvt. Ltd. (2010-2012). He has obtained his Ph.D. from ICAR-IARI (2012-2015).

Areas of Interest:

Time series analysis; Econometrics; Text analytics; Spatial Statistics; Data visualization.

Important Publications:

  • Yashavanth, B. S., Singh, K. N. and Paul, A. K. (2016). An agricultural price forecasting model under nonstationarity using functional coefficient autoregression. Journal of Applied and Natural Science. 8(1):50-54.
  • Yashavanth, B. S., Singh, K. N., Paul, A. K and Paul, R. K. (2017). Forecasting prices of coffee seeds using Vector Autoregressive Time Series Model. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 87(6): 754–8.
  • Yashavanth, B. S., Singh, K. N. and Paul, A. K. (2017). Genetic Algorithm Approach for Estimation of Parameters of Vector Autoregressive Models under Heteroscedasticity. International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Sciences, 13(2): 615-621.
  • Yashavanth, B. S., Singh, K. N., Paul, A. K., Kumar, A., Singh, D. R. and Singh, P. (2018). An Empirical Evaluation of Parameter Shrinkage Techniques for Vector Autoregression Models. Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics. 72(2): 113-119.
  • Yashavanth, B. S., Laha, A. K. (2018) Disparity in the wages of agricultural labourers in India: An interval-valued data analysis. Indian Journal of Agricultural Sciences, 88(6): 916-923.
  • Ravichandran, S., Yashavanth, B.S. and Kareemulla, K. (2018) Oilseeds production and yield forecasting using ARIMA-ANN modelling. Journal of Oilseeds Research 35(1): 57-62.
  • Ranjit Kumar, Sanjiv Kumar, B.S. Yashavanth and P.C. Meena (2019) Natural Farming Practices in India: Its Adoption and Impact on Crop Yield and Farmers’ Income. Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics 74(3): 420-432
  • Srinivasarao, Ch., Sumanta Kundu, Kumpawat, B.S., Kothari, A.K., Sodani, S.N., Sharma, S.K., Vikas Abrol, Ravindra Chary, G., Pravin B. Thakur, & Yashavanth, B.S. (2019). Soil organic carbon dynamics and crop yields of maize (Zea mays)-black gram (Vigna mungo) rotation-based long term manurial experimental system in semi-arid Vertisols of western India. Tropical Ecology. DOI. 10.1007/s42965-019-00044-x.
  • Vinayagam, S.S., Murthy, G.R.K., Akhila, K., Yashavanth, B.S. (2020) Comparison of perception among online and offline learners, Multilogic in Science 10(33): 604-609
  • Ravichandran, S., Yashavanth, B.S. (2020) ARIMA Vs VARMA – Modelling and Forecasting of India’s Cereal Production, Journal of the Indian Society of Agricultural Statistics. 74(2): 121-128.
  • Ch. Srinivasarao, Sumanta Kundu, B. S. Yashavanth, S. Rakesh, K. N. Akbari, G. S. Sutaria, V. D. Vora, D. S. Hirpara, K.A Gopinath, G. R. Chary, J. V. N. S. Prasad, N. S. Bolan & B. Venkateswarlu (2020): Influence of 16 years of fertilization and manuring on carbon sequestration and agronomic productivity of groundnut in Vertisol of semi-arid tropics of Western India, Carbon Management: https://doi.org/10.1080/17583004.2020.1858681
  • Rao, R.V.S., Alok Kumar, Rao, K.H., Yashavanth, B.S., Indu Priya, M., Anwer, M.M. and Ch. Srinivasa Rao. (2021) Leadership Styles of the Professionals from the National Agricultural Research and Education System, Indian Journal of Extension Education, 57(1): 105-109
  • Murthy G.R.K., Seema Kujur, S. Senthil Vinayagam, Yashavanth B.S., Ch. Srinivasa Rao, P. S. Pandey, Vanita Jain and Indradevi T. (2021) Analysis of learning behavior and pattern of online learners on a MOOC platform, Pantnagar Journal of Research, 18(3): 338-346

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