The ICAR-National Academy of Agricultural Research Management (NAARM) was established by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research in 1976 at Hyderabad. The major mandate of the Academy is to build capacity in agricultural research, education and extension education systems, and provide policy advocacy for the National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES). To fulfil these mandates, Academy organises various capacity building programmes for researchers, academicians, extension personnel, scholars, and other stakeholders in NARES. The Academy strives to enhance individual and institutional capacity for innovation in NARES. Considering the strategic importance of agricultural research in food security and economic growth of the country, leadership, governance and innovation are emerging as prerequisite for the transformation of NARES into a more pluralistic innovation system. Keeping this in mind, the Academy has developed its vision, mission and mandate.

A global knowledge institution enabling National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES) adapt to change through continuous innovation.
To enhance leadership, governance and innovation capacities of National Agricultural Research and Education System (NARES) through capacity strengthening, education, research, consultancy, and policy support.
1.    Enhance individual and institutional competencies in managing innovation through capacity development, research and policy advocacy.
2.    Serve as a think tank for National Agricultural Research and Education System and facilitate strategic management of human capital.

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