Quiz Competition on father of the Nation (English)

As a part of 150th birth anniversary celebration of Mahatma Gandhi,to inspire the faculty, administrative, technical staff, PGDMA students, SRF’s and Young Professional to widen their knowledge on our father of the nation, Quiz competition organized by NAARM on Sep 30, 2019 at 15:00 hrs. in seminar hall 2, faculty centre.

Teams has been made randomly on the spot and there are 5 teams were participated. Nine members of each team from staff and PGDMA students participated in the competition.  There are 5 rounds were conducted and the first round was General Round, the second round was Buzzer Round, each team was asked two question based on Gandhiji’s life which they had to answer in thirty seconds.

 The Third round was a visual round. In the fourth round, each team was asked one question based on Specialized Subject which they had to answer in thirty seconds.

5th Round was the Rapid fire round. All the teams were well prepared and the competition was very tough. The participants surprised the audience with their in-depth knowledge and information on Mahatma Gandhi. The quiz was conducted expertly and confidently. In this competition there are 65 participants from NAARM staff and PGDMA were participated.

It was very good exposure to the staff and students. The competition was conducted by the following officials

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