Research Papers

Research Papers of 2008-2009

Brahmanand, P.S., Gosh, S., Dinesh Chandra, Singandhupe, R.B., Roy Chowdhury, S., Sahoo, N., Reddy, G.P. and Khan A.R. (2009), “Studies on performance of rice asinfluenced by drainage in Eastern India”, Archives of Agronomy and Soil Science (Taylor & Francis), Germany: 55(1) In Press.

Reddy, G.P., Reddy, M, N., Sontakki, B. S., and Bala Prakash, D. (Oct-Dec 2008), “Measurement of efficiency of shrimp farmers in Andhra Pradesh”, Indian Journal of Agricultural Economics, Vol 3. No 4.

Kalpana Sastry, R( 2008), “Mechanisms of Protection of Agricultural Innovations in India”, DESIDOC Bulletin of Information Technology, 27(6): 3-11.

Manikandan, P. and Anwer, M.M.( 2008), “Assessment of management training needs of agricultural research managers”, The Icfaian Journal of Management Research, VII (4), 21-31.

Sailaja, B., Rao, P.S., Nathawat, M.S. and Rao, N.H.( 2008), “Combination of Image Analysis Techniques for Rice Area Estimation”, Environment and Ecology 26(1): 219-227.

Kandeepan, G., Rao, K.H., Rao, V.K. and Pal, U.K (2009), “Application of Sensors for Quality Evaluation of Meat and Meat Products”, Beverage and Food World 36(3): 26-28.

Karunasree,E. and Sandhya Shenoy, N. (2009), “Identification and prioritization of problems faced by women SHG members through participatory methods in Karimnagar district of A.P”, International Journal of Family and Home Science, Vol.5.

M.N. Reddy and N.H. Rao, (January 2009), “Integrating geo-spatial information technologies and participatory methods in agricultural development”, Current Science Vol. 96, No.1.

Manikandan, P. and Kalpana Sastry, R (2009), “Management of human resources in an agricultural research farm – A case study”, The Icfaian Journal of Management Research, VIII (2), 7-14.

Rao, K.H and Reddy, G.P (2009), “Quality Management in the Production of Livestock Products for Global Trade”, Beverage and Food World 36(2): 49-50
Ahire, L. M., Sontakki, B. S. and Punna Rao, P. (2008), “Agripreneurs and their Opinion on Agri-Clinics and Agri-Business Centres Scheme”, Journal ofAgricultural Extension Management. 9 (1): 23 – 35.

Ahire, L. M. (2008), “Infrastructural Facilities and Modes of Technology Dissemination by ATICs”, Journal of Communication Studies Vol. 26 (2).

Ahire, L. M., Sontakki, B. S. and Punna Rao, P.( November, 2008), “Performance Profile of Selected Agricultural Technology Information Centres (ATICs)”, Kurukshetra – A journal of rural development, Vol. 57 No.1(19-22).

Ahire, L.M., and Sontakki, B.S. (December, 2008), “IT in Agricultural Research, Extension and Education Management”, Journal of Communication Studies. Vol. 26 (3).

L. M. Ahire, Dr. B. S. Sontakki and M. A. Basith (2008), “Perception of Agripreneurs on Centrally Sponsored Scheme of Agri-Clinics and Agri- Business Centres”, Journal of Research ANGRAU, 36(2&3) 49-58.

RESEARCH PAPERS of 2007-2008

Sontakki, B.S.( 2007) “Strategies for Professionalization of Extension System in India”, International Journal of Extension Education, 3: 89-97. 2007.

Priya Vashistha, Sontakki, B.S (2006) “Decision-Making Profile of Rural women of Uttarpradesh”, Indian Journal of Extension Education, 42 (1&2): 116-117. 2006.

Sandhya Shenoy, N., Rama Rao, D., Rao, N. H., and Sontakki, B. S (2007) “Information and Communication Technologies for Sharing Agriculture Information in Rural India”, Report of AP Cess Funded, Research Project, NAARM, Hyderabad.

Reddy.G.P. (2007) “Reforms in Agricultural marketing in the context of WTO regime in India”, Indian Journal of Agricultural Marketing(conf.spl.),21(3):122

Reddy G.P., Sontakki, B.S and Reddy, M.N.(2007) “Impact Assessment of Fisheries Research in India- Concepts and Mesurements”, Applied Bioinformatics Statistics and Economics in Fisheries Research Eds. AK Roy and N.Sarangi, CIFA, Bhubaneswar, 352-359.

Reddy M.N, Reddy G.P and Sontakki, B.S.(2007) “potential Applications of Spatial Information Technology in Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries”, Applied Bioinformatics Statistics and Economics in Fisheries Research Eds. AK Roy and N.Sarangi CIFA Eds CIFA, Bhubaneswar, Vol(3): 223-231.

Reddy, G.P, R.C.Srivastava and H.N.Verma (2007) Measurement of Technical Efficiency in Upland rain fed rice production in tribal belt of Orissa, India, The Asian Economic Review, vol.49 (2):237-241.

Rao, R.V.S., Rao, K.H., Sontakki, B.S., and Anwer, M.M. (2007) “Personality characteristics of Directors of Indian National Agricultural R&D institutions with reference to their change management skills”, ICFAI Journal of Management Research, 6(4):7-20.

Raju, P.N., Rao, K.H and Pal,D (2007) “Bioactive Peptides derived from food proteins”, Beverages and Food World 34(7): 27-35.

Raju, P.N., Rao, K.H and Devi, N.L (2007) “Preparation and evaluation of high protein biscuits containing whey protein concentrate”, Journal of Food Science and Technology, 44(5):532-535.

Rao, K.H., Deenathayalan, P.,Anjaneyulu, A.S.R and Yadav, P.L (2007) “Microstructure of smoked buffala meat sausages containing whey protein concentrate”, Journal of Food Science and Technology, 44(4):422-425.

Rao, K.H and Singh, S (2007) “Quality of cheddar cheese from buffalo milk incorporated with goat milk and lactobacillus casei”, Indian Journal of Dairy Science, 60(3):16-164.

Raju, P.N., Rao, K.H and Pal,D (2007) “Modified Atmosphere Packaging for extended shelf life of foods”, Processed Food Industry, 10(8): 30-35.

Rao, K.H and Singh, S (2007) “Biochemical and microbiological changes during ripening of cheddar cheese from buffalo milk supplemented with goat milk and microencapsulated enzymes”, Journal of Food Science and Technology, 44(6):626-629.

G.R. Ramakrishna Murthy, Ravindra Naik, and Pandey, K.P. Computer aided modeling and performance prediction of fertilizer solar pond for agricultural operations, Journal of Agricultural Engineering Vol.44(2) : 44-53.

RESEARCH PAPERS of 2006-2007

S. Sontakki Bharat, Samanta, R.K., Sandhya Shenoy, N., and Vijender Reddy, P. (2006 ) “Management Training Needs of Agricultural Scientists of Indian Council of Agricultural Research”, Indian Journal of Training and Development, XXXVII(2):136-148.

Rao, K.H., Rao, R.V.S., and Anwer, M.M. (2006) “Role Perception of Employees – A Vital Ingredient for Efficiency and Effectiveness of Organization”,ICFAI HRM Review, VI (10): 27-33,

Rao, K.H., Rao, R.V.S., Sontakki, B.S., Reddy, G.P., Kumar, K.V., and Anwer, M.M 2006. “Role Perception of Research Personnel in ICAR -an Analysis”, Management Stream, 1: 44-52.

Rao, K.H., Rao, R.V.S., Kumar, K.V., and Anwer, M.M. (2007) “Role Efficacy of Faculty Members in State Agricultural Universities”, ICFAI Journal of Organizational Behaviour, VI (1): 7-17.

Reddy, G.P, and Sudhakar Reddy, Y.S( 2006) “Constraints in Production and Marketing of Sunflower in Andhra Pradesh”,Journal of Research ANGRAU,34(3): 40-44.

Reddy M.N, Reddy, G.P., and Sontakki, B.S. (2006) “Potential Applications of Spatial Information Technology in Aquaculture and Inland Fisheries”, Bioinformatics and Statistics in Fisheries Research Eds CIFA, Bhubaneswar, Vol 3: 223-231.

Reddy, G. P., Sontakki, B.S., and Reddy, M. N. (2007) “Impact Assessment of Fisheries Research – Concepts and Measurement”, Bioinformatics and Statistics in Fisheries Research, CIFA, Bhubaneswar, Vol.3: 352-377.

Manikandan, P. and Balaguru, T. Project Management Practices in Vogue in Research Institutions of National AgriculturalResearch System: Pointers for change The Icfaian Journal of Management Research, 5(10): 54-67, 2006.

Naik, R., Murthy, G.R.K., and Viraktmath, B.C. (2006) “Value addition of selected rice hybrids through parboiling”, Oryza Vol. 43. No.1 (1-4): 48-50.

Sasidhar, P. V. K., Shruti Sethi, and Challa, J. (2005) “Group Induced Performance of Agricultural Scientists”, Indian Journal of Extension Education, Vol. 41(1 & 2),

Balaguru, T. and Kalpana Sastry, R. (2006) “Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT): Concept and its Potential for Indian Agriculture”, JNKVV Research Journal 40(1&2): 127-137.

Soam, S.K., Kalpana Sastry, R., and Rashmi, H.B. (2007) “Trade in Educational Services: An Overview of GATS and Policy Implications for Higher Agricultural Education in India”,Journal of Agric. Education & Extension (The Netherlands). Vol. 13.(1): 49-68.

Rao, K.H and Unnava, H.R. (2006) “Organizational Commitment of Employees at Workplace – Concept and Strategies”, HRM Review, 6 (4): 44-52.

Singh, R.R.B., Rao, K.H., Anjaneyulu, A.S.R., and Patil, G.R (2006) “Water Desorption Characteristics of Raw Goat Meat: Effect of Temperature”, Journal of Food Engineering, 75 (2): 228-236.

Soam, S.K. (2005) “Analysis of Prospective Geographical Indications of India”, Journal of World Intellectual Property. Vol. 8 No.5: 679-705.

Soam, S.K. and Kalpana Sastry, R. (2005) “A Review of GATS and Implications for Agricultural Higher Education in India”, JNKVV Research Journal, Vol. 39 (2): 1-11.

Soam, S.K. and Rashmi, H.B. (2006) “Some Reflections on Patent Search: A Case Study of Medicinal Plants of India”, Journal of Intellectual Property Rights, Vol. 11: 207-213.

Samanta, (2006) “R.K Management of Agricultural Extension in Post-WTO Era – Need for its Strategic Reorientation and Redesign”, Journal of Agricultural Extension Review. 18(1): 17-24.

Goyal, R.K.. Kingsly, A.R.P., Manikantan, M.R., and Ilyas, (2007) S.M.” Mathematical Modeling of Thin Layer Drying Kinetics of Plum in a Tunnel Dryer”, Journal of Food Engineering 79: 176-180.

Kingsly, A.R.P.. Goyal, R.K., Manikantan, M.R., and Ilyas, S.M. (2007) “Effects of Pretreatments and Drying Air Temperature on Drying Behaviour of Peach Slice”, International Journal of Food Science and Technology, 41: 1-5

Goyal, R.K.. Kingsly, A.R.P., Manikantan, M.R., and Ilyas, S.M (2006) “Thin-Layer Drying Kinetics of Raw Mango Slices”, Biosystems Engineering 95(1): 43-49.

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