Highlights of Past Research

The Academy has undertaken and completed a number of research studies in divergent areas of agricultural research and education management.

S.No Project Title Year Completed Reports
1 Technology Delivery Models for Less Favoured Areas Bharat S. Sontakki, R. Venkattakumar 2014 Complete Report
2 Export Performance and Potential of Fruits and Vegetables of India in Asian Countries: Issues, Priorities and Policy concerns Late D Babu (till October 2013), K. Srinivas, Ranjit Kumar, P.C. Meena, 2014 Complete Report
3 Assessment of new developments in nanotechnology for their potential applications in agriculture R.Kalpana Sastry, N.H.Rao 2014 Complete Report
4 Sub-Project under NAIP: Policy studies for promoting research and innovation in agricultural value chains Research component-3: Intellectual Property Management in Public-Private Partnerships – Patents, PVP & Copyrights R. Kalpana Sastry, S. K. Soam 2014 Complete Report
5 Assessments of the maize situation, outlook and investment opportunities in Asia Ranjit Kumar, K. Srinivas, N. Sivaramane 2014 Complete Report
6 Development of a web based learning ecosystem based on cloud computing framework P D Sreekanth, GRK Murthy, M Balakrishnan 2014 Complete Report
7 Enhancing Resilience of Agriculture to Climate Change: Role of Technologies, Institutions and Policies- Sub Project component: Identify adaptation strategies, mitigate climate risks and estimate their potential costs and benefits G. P. Reddy, A.Dhandapani, N. Sivaramane, P.D.Sreekanth, K.V.Kumar 2014 Complete Report
8 Impact analysis of Commodity future on spot price and risk management in high value commodities PC Meena, Ranjit Kumar 2014 Complete Report
9 Rural knowledge exchange protocols for design and delivery of customized information 2014 Complete Report
10 Sub-Project under NAIP: Policy studies for promoting research and innovation in agricultural value chains Research component-4: IP management in public private partnerships - Agro-biodiversity, Geographical indications and Traditional Knowledge S.K. Soam, R. Kalpana Sastry 2014 Complete Report
11 Evaluation of Impact of e-learning use and practice in selected NARS organizations G.R.K.Murthy, K. M. Reddy 2014 Complete Report
12 Strengthening Statistical Computing for NARS M.N. Reddy(CCPI) (upto 22-12-2011), A.Dhandapani, G. P. Reddy, Ananta Sarkar (upto April 2012 ), R. Sivaramane, P.D Sreekanth, V. Sumanth Kumar, S. Ravichandran, K.V. Kumar 2014 Complete Report
13 Value Chains of High Value Crops (HVC) in Economically Backward Region: Efficiency, Institutions and Policy Environment Ranjit Kumar, P.C. Meena, N. Sivaramane, Mohar Singh 2014 Complete Report
14 Assessment of the Maize Situation, outlook and investment opportunities in India Ranjit Kumar, K. Srinivas, N. Sivaramane 2013 Complete Report
15 Assessment of Future Human Capital Requirements in Agriculture D. Rama Rao, S.K.Nanada 2011 Complete Report
16 Technological Forecasting and Assessment of Future Fly Ash in India D.Rama Rao, S.K.Nanda & Kareemulla 2011 Complete Report
17 AGROWEB- Digital Dissemination System for Indian Agricultural Research (under NAIP) G.R.K Murthy, D.Rama Rao, N.Sandhya Shenoy, A. Dhandapani, P.Mohan Singh 2011 Complete Report
18 Performance Assessment of State Agricultural Universities Jagannadham Challa Complete Report
19 Simulation model for quality assessment of agricultural education Jagannadham Challa, D. Rama Rao, S.K.Nanda 2007 Complete Report
20 Evaluation of e-learning methodologies in open source environmentG.R.K. Murthy, K.M. Reddy 2007 Complete Report
21 Assessment of learning objects for transfer of technology V.K.J. Rao, K.M. Reddy, N. Sandhya Shenoy 2007 Complete Report
22 Assessment of Open Source Software tools for MIS in agricultural research M.N. Reddy, N. Sandhya Shenoy, K.V. Kumar, B.S. Kulkarni (ANGRAU) 2007 Complete Report
23 Simulation model for quality assessment of agricultural colleges S.K. Nanda, D. Rama Rao, Jagannadham Challa 2007 Complete Report
24 Performance assessment of AUs Jagannadham Challa, T. Balaguru 2007 Complete Report
25 Public-private partnership in the service of farmers through ICTs N.Sandhya Shenoy, D. Rama Rao, M.N. Reddy, V.K.J. Rao 2006 Complete Report
26 Identifying Strategic Issues and Prospective Approaches in Higher Agricultural Eduction System in India to Face Challenges of GATS 2006 Complete Report
27 Organizational stress and stressors among scientists and teachers of ICAR Institutes and SAUs P. Manikandan, K.H. Rao, M.M. Anwer, R.V.S. Rao 2006 Complete Report
28 Assessment of Transfer of Learning of NAARM training. Bharat S. Sontakki, R.K. Samanta 2006 Complete Report
29 Promotion of interdisciplinary orientation and inter-institutional collaboration in NARS T. Balaguru, P. Manikandan 2005 Complete Report
30 Impact assessment of fisheries research in India G.P. Reddy, Bharat S. Sontakki, M.N. Reddy 2005 Complete Report
31 Role perception, role efficacy and motivational level of ICAR scientists K.H.Rao, Bharat S. Sontakki, G.P. Reddy 2005 Complete Report
32 Strategies to encourage rural female students in the Agricultural Education (D Rama Rao, N Sandhya Shenoy & V Rasheed Sulaiman) 2005 Complete Report
33 Efficacy of Participatory Rural Appraisal for research project formulation V.K.J. Rao, K.M. Reddy, C. Sriram 2005 Complete Report
34 Modeling strategies management action plan for curriculum upgradation for Indian SAU system in the global scenario A.Gopalam, S.N. Saha 2005 Complete Report
35 Assessment of qualitative rating of colleges in SAUs Jagannadham Challa, S.K. Nanda, D. Rama Rao 2005 Complete Report
36 Forecasting Trained Agricultural Manpower ( D. Rama Rao, C. Sriram and S K Nanda ) 2004 Complete Report
37 Development of Virtual Campus for Agricultural Research and Education Management ( K. Vidyasagar Rao, N.H. Rao, M.N. Reddy and K.M. Reddy) 2004 Complete Report
38 Developing Instructional Modules for Gender in Agriculture ( A. Gopalam and S.N. Saha ) 2004 Complete Report
39 Implementation of Farming Systems Research (FSR) in India: Case studies ( T. Balaguru and P. Manikandan) 2004 Complete Report
40 Performance assessment and accountability enhancement of Indian NAROs (T.Balaguru, R.Kalpana Sastry and R.V.S.Rao) 2004 Complete Report
41 Micro-level priority setting – prioritization of fisheries production constraints (G.P.Reddy, B.S.Sontakki, S.K.Soam, N.Sandhya Shenoy and V.K.J.Rao) 2004 Complete Report
42 Assessment of strategic research extension plan (SREP) methodology for upscaling and institutionalization of research-extension-farmer linkages (G.P.Reddy, B.S.Sontakki, V.K.J.Rao, N.Sandhya Shenoy (NAARM) and G.R.Desai and M.N.Reddy (MANAGE)) 2004 Complete Report
43 Capacity building of NARS in developing decision support system using GIS (N.H.Rao, M.N.Reddy, S.K.Soam and K.H.Rao) 2004 Complete Report
44 Research project management in NARS (P.Manikandan, T.Balaguru and S.N.Saha) 2004 Complete Report
45 Management of agricultural education and policy implications (A.Gopalam and S.N.Saha) 2004 Complete Report
46 Computer aided material production (A.Gopalam and K.M.Reddy) 2004 Complete Report
47 Training needs assessment of NARS scientist (R.K.Samanta, N.Sandhya Shenoy, B.S.Sontakki and P.Vijender Reddy) 2004 Complete Report
48 Impact Assessment of Oilseeds Research in India 2003 Complete Report
49 25 Years of the NAARM Research Achievements 2003 Complete Report
50 Distance training for agricultural research management (Jagannadham Challa) 2001 Complete Report
51 HRD strategies for organizational effectiveness of NARS (Jagannadham Challa and K. Vidyasagar Rao ) 2001 Complete Report
52 Professional Women in Agriculture - DST Project, (D. Rama Rao & N Sandhya Shenoy) 1998 Complete Report
53 AGRIUNIS (D.Rama Rao & U Muralidhar) 1994 Complete Report

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