Date of Last Update: 01-August-2021

1.12.    Programmes to advance understanding of RTI [Section 26]

1.12.1  Educational programmes

      Regular training programmes are conducted as a part of New entrants to Agricultural Research Service so that they are aware of the Act and responsibilities. A lecture on RTI is also added in Executive Development Programmes/Pre-RMP programmes and new entrants of Agricultural Research Service.

      A 2-day Training programme on Training of RTI Act 2005, was conducted from 15th to 16th July 2021 for officers of ICAR institutes and HQ by ICAR-NAARM

      For in-house staff, special lectures are arranged as per need.

1.12.2 Efforts to encourage public authority to participate in these programmes

      The details of training programmes are circulated well in advance to encourage all key officials to participate in these programmes.

1.12.3  Training of CPIO/APIO

          CPIO / APIO have undergone training on RTI

1.12.4  Update & publish guidelines on RTI by the public Authorities concerned

          Details are regularly updated in NAARM website

Date of Last Update: 01-August-2021

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