Date of Last Update: 26-March-2024

1.3  Procedure followed in decision making process [Section 4(1)(b)(iii)]

The procedure followed in the decision making process, including channels of supervision and accountability


Process of decision making identify key decision making points

Director as per the recommendations of JD/JD(AR)/CFAO makes the decisions to sanction/approve as per the rules and delegations of power. Various committees constituted by Director in consultations with Senior Officers, assist in decision making related to various issues. Other routine decisions relating to leaves, advances of junior employees, as per the delegations of power, the concerned officials such as Heads, Joint Director, Joint Director(Admin) and CFAO based on appropriate rules.


Final decision making authority
Director for all powers delegated by ICAR and others as per the powers delegated by ICAR/Director


Related provision, acts, rules etc.
As per Delegation of Powers in ICAR
(Also see Section 1.5)


Time limit for taking a decision, if any
As per GoI/ICAR rules


Channel of supervision and accountability

Submission and Supervision is per the established office procedures. The employee requests are forwarded by their reporting officer to Administration for processing. Other matters such as purchases etc. go through from indenter to final sanction as per GFR.


Items of work

Channel of submission


Establishment matters

Assistant – AAO – AO/SAO – JDAR-Director


Financial and Administrative matters

Assistant – JAO – CF&AO/JD/Director


Miscellaneous matters

. AAO – AO/SAO – JDAR/JD/Director

Date of Last Update: 26-March-2024

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