Date of Last Update: 29-June -2023

1.4       Norms for discharge of functions [Section 4(1)(b)(iv)]

1.4.1    Nature of functions/ services offered

          Capacity Building Programmes
          As per the requirements and based on previous experiences, Academy organizes various capacity building programmes. The mandated training           programmes such as Foundation Course for Agricultural Research Service(FOCARS), Pre-RMP, Executive Development Programmes are scheduled           as per the requirement. Management Development Programmes (MDP), Need based skill development programmes are organized as per the           requirement.

          Education Programme
          Academy is offering two-year full time residential programme, Post-Graduate Diploma in Management (Agribusiness Management), duly approved by           AICTE. Two distance education programmes, Post Graduate Diploma in Education Technology Management and Post Graduate Diploma in           Technology Management in Agriculture

          Research and Consultancy
          The faculty members of the academy are engaged in research in contemporary issues in Agricultural Research Management and other mandated           areas. Government Agencies such as Department of Science and Technology, Department of Biotechnology, NITI Ayog, State Governments fund           some of these studies either through competitive grants or through consultancy.

1.4.2    Norms/ standards for functions/ service delivery

          For the service delivery, Academy follows as per ISO:9001-2005 and has been awarded quality certificate

1.4.3    Process by which these services can be accessed

          Details of the Capacity Building Programmes for each financial year can be accessed through Academy’s website as well as programme brochure sent           to all other ICAR Institutes/SAUs through Email/Social Media etc. The selection is based on eligibility criteria, payment of relevant fees (if any) and           first-cum-first basis if number of candidates are more than the number of seats available.

          Open call is made through Newspaper/Website/Social Media etc for educational programmes for admissions to Academy’s Educational Programme.           The admission criteria/selection process are made available at the time of call.

          For consultancy, the profile of ICAR-NAARM and individual faculty competencies are available in Website for prospective clients.
1.4.4    Time-limit for achieving the targets

           As per the time limit set for individual activity

1.4.5      Process of redress of grievances

          The contact us section in the website provides details of concerned officials for various issues. The concerned officials address the issue and resolve           the grievances. A grievance section is also available for students to either raise it with the Academy or to AICTE. In case, if they are not satisfied with           the explanation, they can contact Head of Office or ICAR.

Date of Last Update: 29-June -2023

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