Date of Last Update: 26-March-2024

1.6  Categories of documents held by the authority under its control [Section 4(1)(b)(vi)]

1.6.1 & 1.6.2  ADMINISTRATION

Scientific, Technical and Supporting Staff: Details of Service records in respect of Scientific staff, Technical staff, Supporting Staff, their computerized data and details of court cases pertaining to NAARM and also Register for sending quarterly/annual returns are maintained in Establishment Section

The Finance Wing of the Institute is maintaining different type of Documents/records such as cash book, Cheque book, and objection books records pertaining to Pension work, Broadsheet of HBA, Car, Computer, Monthly Account, Annual Account of Institute and GPF A/cs. & other documents as prescribed in the ICAR Audit manual.

Administrative Staff:

  1. Personal files of all the staff members
  2. Recruitment files
  3. Seniority List files of all  staff members
  4. Reservation Rosters for all the  posts except for Group ‘A’ officers posted by the Council
  5. Different information files sought by the Council and other Govt. Agencies. 
  6. Files related to Compassionate Appointment Cases
  7. Files related to RTI Cases 
  8. Files related to staff sanctioned in different Projects and schemes
  9. Service Books of all staff
  10. Files for granting MACP to admin category staff except for Group ‘A’ staff posted by the Council
  11. Files related to cases of clearance of Probation Period / Confirmation of staff
  12. File related to Delegation of Powers among senior officers
  13. File regarding allocation of duties for staff
  14. File regarding Extension of revised Pay Scales & to all staff
  15. File regarding grant of pension on superannuation / VRS
  16. Files regarding Audit Paras 
  17. Files regarding Pay Fixation /Periodical Increment
  18. Miscellaneous Files
  19. Different reference books refer rule position
  20. Dak Diary Register / Despatch Register / Personal file  Index  Register / RTI cases diary register

Statement of documents held in Directors office and Establishment Section

APAR Dossiers of Scientists Working in NAARM
 APAR Dossiers of Technical Working in NAARM
 APAR Dossiers of Ministerial Working in NAARM
 APAR Dossiers of Supporting Staff Working in NAARM
 Diary Register
 Movement Register
 Peon Books
 Despatch Register 
 Miscellaneous files

The documents related to Rules and Regulations, Course Contents, Admission procedures and implementation of teaching programmes as dealt by various committees and the PGS Unit maintained in the PGS Unit.

NAARM Activities

1)    Research: The basic and applied researches are conducted through the approved inhouse projects and externally funded projects. The specific technical programmes and standardized methodologies are followed to accomplish the objectives under the projects. The progress and achievements of the projects are reported in the relevant divisional level and institute level documents like RPPs, Annual reports, IRC and reviewed by RAC and QRT committees.

2)    Teaching: The post graduate teaching is imparted for PG Diploma Course programmes in the discipline of Agri-Business Management, Education Technology, Technology Management. The PG Diploma students project works are documented in the form of theses. The educational achievements are incorporated in the annual reports.

3)    Human Resource Development : The HRD activities are pursued through organization of training programmes. A wider publicity is given about the training courses well in advance through circulation of training brochure/folders and digital mode via NAARM web site. The applications/nominations, duly recommended by the concerned authorities are invited on the prescribed proforma. The selection of trainees is based on eligibility criteria and individual merits. The training manuals in the form of compendium are brought out for the benefit of participants.

Date of Last Update: 26-March-2024

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