Date of Last Update: 03-August-2021

2.1 Budget allocated to each agency including all plans, proposed expenditure and reports on disbursements made etc. (Section 4(1)(b)(xi)

(i) Total Budget for the Public Authority Rs.9535.51 lakhs (B.E.2020-21)
(ii) Budget for each agency and Plan & Programmes Rs.9535.51 lakhs (B.E.2020-21)
(iii) Proposed expenditure Rs.8320.00 lakhs (R.E.2020-21)
(iv) Revised Budget for each Agency, if any Rs.8320.00 lakhs (R.E.2020-21)
(v) Report on disbursements made and place where the related reports are available No disbursements
Date of Last Update: 03-August-2021

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