Date of Last Update: 12-September-2022

3.2 Are the details of policies / decisions, which affect public, informed to them [Section 4(1) (c)]

Publish all relevant facts while formulating important policies or announcing decisions which affect public to make the process more interactive;

  1. Policy decisions/ legislations taken in the previous one year
  2. Policy documents brought out and contributed by the Academy during the last year are given below whose details area available in the NAARM website.

    • Ease of Doing Research (EoDR): A Methodological Framework for Agricultural Research Organizations
    • Re-imagining Higher Agricultural Education in India on the Face of Challenge from COVID-19 Pandemic – Strategies for Adapting to the New Normal
    • Enhancing Competence of Agricultural Faculty: Towards Piloting Agriculture-led Development
    • Policy Issues and Stakeholder Requirements in Indian Meat Sector
    • National Framework for Mainstreaming Biodiversity Conservation in Agricultural Development Schemes in India

  3. Outline the Public consultation process
  4. Not Applicable

  5. Outline the arrangement for consultation before formulation of policy
  6. Not Applicable

Date of Last Update: 12-September-2022

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