PGDM (Agri Business Management)


Excellence is Doing Ordinary Things Extraordinarily well

A unique B-Fest organized with association of NPAA which amalgamates Agrarian academia, budding management graduates all across the Nation & Entrepreneurial millennials in one platform.

The context ranging Case study analysis, Designing and Campaign, B- Plan, Data Analysis, Quizzing and lot of fun events which will bring the best out of you.
3 C’s of SANKALP
Bringing together the brightest and innovative minds to-

  • Collaborate
  • Compete
  • Connect

A wonderful opportunity for Corporate Giants to extract the best from the fresh minds of reputed B-schools across the Nation.
One of the most suitable platform for Corporate Organizations to interact, connect & collaborate with Nation’s best Agrarian experts & Policy makers


The events conducted are as follows

Life is beautiful when a new colour is added to its band. Learning is life-long, every phase has a new lesson to teach through the problems it presents in various forms. Problems are not stop signs, they are guidelines to a better way of learning. This event is about building on the given situation and making a comprehensive presentation on the case given. It ignites your lateral thinking, unleashes the managerial skills within to help you have edge over others.

The most coveted title at Sankalp 7.0, The Best Manager, as the name echoes, is an event where the best at management is the last man standing. An amalgamation of every crucial management aspect, Best Manager seeks to explore your skills of decision making, problem solving, being profitable and innovative; give you a chance to showcase skill and talent and test your mettle!

Advitiya is aimed at promoting the spirit of entrepreneurship and helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses in different areas like energy, environment, agriculture, healthcare and affordable technology by engaging with different existing. In this event, we invite aspirants from pan India with innovative Business Plans. Selected young entrepreneur minds will have a great platform to pitch their ideas to the investors, incubators and mentors who will have the potential to convert their ideas to a Startup.

“What gets measured, gets managed.” – Peter Drucker
If you torture the data long enough, it will confess. We invite all data analysts to roll up your sleeves and get ready to battle it out using the data in “ ANALYTICA” event.

Creativity without strategy is called ‘art’. Creativity with strategy is called ‘Advertisement’. It doesn’t always matter how things are in actuality, it’s how you portray them through the window of your creativity. An idea can turn any particle into stardust, it depends how you present. The time has come to showcase the creator within you and let the world know the inner you behind the lenses.


  • Darpan:

B-Quiz competition, that challenges the participants to be inquisitive and make time smart choices.

  • Flashgun:

It is a stage where the participants enliven the romanticism of imagination into real prized-moments

Glimpses of Sankalp 6.0

It was organized on October 3rd – 4th, 2021in online mode amidst pandemic situation with the help of our esteemed sponsors- Coromandel International Ltd, Verdesian Life Sciences Cytozyme Labs USA, Rallis India Ltd, Heranba Industries Ltd and a-IDEA in association with NPAA.


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