PGDM (Agri Business Management)


“If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you have always got.”

A unique B-Fest organized with association of NPAA which amalgamates Agrarian academia, budding management graduates all across the Nation & Entrepreneurial millennials in one platform.

The context ranging Case study analysis, Designing and Campaign, B- Plan, Data Analysis, Quizzing and lot of fun events which will bring the best out of you.
3 C’s of SANKALP
Bringing together the brightest and innovative minds to-

  • Connect
  • Compete
  • Collaborate

A wonderful opportunity for Corporate Giants to extract the best from the fresh minds of reputed B-schools across the Nation.
One of the most suitable platform for Corporate Organizations to interact, connect & collaborate with Nation’s best Agrarian experts & Policy makers

The Sankalp 8.0 is mainly divided into two categories:

  • Flagship Events
  • Sprint Events

Flagship Events are as follows:

  • Adhishtatha: The Best Manager Competition

“A leader knows what’s best to do, a manager knows merely how best to do it” – Kenneth Adelman

This is one of the flagship events of Sankalp 8.0, designed to unearth the brightest business managers of tomorrow. It’s your ultimate platform to showcase your skills, unveil hidden strengths, and exhibit unwavering determination. Get ready to elevate your management game and navigate the business frontier with Adhishtatha!

  • Samadhaan: The Case Study Competition

  • “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

    Another one of the flagship events of Sankalp 8.0, brings Samadhaan: The Case Study Competition, which aims to test how far one can dive into the stated problem and emerge with effective and feasible answers. Set yourself up to use your brainpower and crack the code of the case!

  • Advitiya: The B-Plan Competition

  • “Good business planning is 9 parts execution for every 1 part strategy.”

    SANKALP 8.0 proudly presents Advitiya (The B-Plan Competition), which promotes the spirit of entrepreneurship and helps entrepreneurs turn ideas into viable businesses. We hold the conviction that entrepreneurship possesses a unique capacity to enact transformative shifts in India, impacting domains spanning technology and significant areas such as energy, environment, agriculture, healthcare, and accessible technology. Chosen budding entrepreneurial spirits will be provided an excellent forum to present their concepts to investors, incubators, and mentors, who wield the capability to translate their concepts into viable start-ups.

Sprint events are as follows:

  • Analytica: The Data Analysis Event

  • Unveil Insights, Ignite Minds: Join us at Analytica – The Data Analysis Event

    Sankalp 8.0 brings this event, diving into the realm of data analysis at Analytica- an event that delves deep into the art of analysis. Discover the intricacies of transforming information into actionable insights, equipping yourself with the tools to navigate the data-driven landscape confidently and precisely. Join us for an enriching experience that promises to enhance your analytical acumen.

  • Flashgun: The Photography Competition

  • In the arena of the photography competition, every image is a visual dialogue, a chance to convey a story without words – David Bergman

    Sankalp 8.0 proudly presents Flashgun – The creative photography contest for the young photographers out there! Every click tells a story, and we want to hear yours. Join our photography competition, where every snapshot has the potential to leave a lasting impression.

  • Ad-Junction: The Ad Creation Event

  • Elevate Your Creativity. Enter Ad-Junction: The Ad Creation Event and Shape Tomorrow’s Brands Today! The event aims to enhance the creativity and innovation of participants by providing them with a platform to showcase their brilliant minds.

  • Sahitya: The Creative Ink Challenge

  • A dynamic and inspiring event that celebrates the boundless power of creativity. This unique gathering brings together artists, writers, and creative minds from various disciplines to explore the depths of their imagination. Unleash your inner creativity at the “Sahitya- The Creative Ink Challenge” and let your imagination run wild!

  • Darpan: The Business Quiz

The Business-Quiz competition, that challenges the participants to be inquisitive and make time smart choices.

Glimpses of Sankalp 7.0


It was organized on September 16th – 17th, 2022 with the help of our esteemed sponsors – Fasal,a-IDEA, Waycool Foods and Products Pvt. Ltd., Rallies India Ltd., Bayer Crop Science, Indofil Industries Ltd., Synergy Technofin, Vegrow, Greenin Homes, NAAS Hyderabad Chapter and Kynetec in association with NPAA.

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