Swachhta Campaign @ ICAR-NAARM

(15.09.2017 to 02.10.2017)

The following motivational activities are conducted as part of Swatchhta Campaign taken up at ICAR-NAARM.

  1. Essay competition (Hindi)
  2. Essay competition (English)
  3. Speech Competition
  4. Online Contest

Essay Competition (Hindi)

Essay competition was conducted on the topic “Swachhta Abhiyan: Relevance of Gandhian philosophy (Swachhta Abhiyan – Gandhiji ke Siddanthon ki Praasangikatha” in Hindi language on 27th September 2017. About 9 participants belonging to the Academy’s staff and FOCARS trainees competed in the programme. The following persons were adjudged as winners through blind judging method.

  1. Monika Gupta, FOCARS 106 (First Prize)icon_new
  2. Ashok Yadav, FOCARS 106 (Second Prize)
  3. Manoj Parihar, FOCARS 106 (Third Prize)

Essay Competition (English)

The essay competition in English language was also conducted simultaneously on the same topic with the Hindi essay contest and the following persons are selected as winners through blind judging method. About 18 contestants took part in the event.

  1. Suman Kumar, FOCARS 106 (First Prize)icon_new
  2. Nibedita Nayak, FOCARS 106 (Second Prize)
  3. Swami Sunil Ramling, FOCARS 106 (Third Prize)

Speech competition

Ten persons competed for the speech contest conducted during the afternoon session on 27th September 2017. The speakers were asked to pick any one of the three topics provided to them a day in advance : (i) Cultural Mindset Change on Swachhta; (ii) “How can I contribute for Swachh Bharat ?” & (iii) Swachhta and ODF Programme. The following are the winners of the contest.

  1. Sudhir Kumar, FOCARS 106 (First Prize)
  2. Suman Kumar, FOCARS 106 (Second Prize)
  3. Bisweswar Gorain, FOCARS 106 (Third Prize)

Online contest

In the online context, where the participants are asked to suggest up to three innovative ideas on Swachhta which could be implemented at ICAR-NAARM, 27 participants suggested various ideas within the closing time, i.e., 28th September 2017 @ 11.59 PM. The award winning ideas were proposed by the following contestants. The winners were adjudged through blind judging method.

  1. Bisweswar Gorain, FOCARS106 (First Prize)
  2. Neeraj kumar, FOCARS106 (Second Prize)
  3. Krishnan, Principal Scientist, ICAR-NAARM (Third Prize)

The prizes for the above contests were awarded to the winners on 2nd October 2017.


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