Forth Coming Training Programmes April-2021 to March-2022

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471Virtual Induction Training On Project Management & Research Methodology03-05-202114-05-2021Dr. Krishnan P and Dr. Krishnan P and Dr. A. Dhandapani View Details
474Training Programme on Facilitative Teaching Technologies for TANUVAS Faculty17-05-202121-05-2021Dr. Senthil Vinayagam View Details
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495Teaching Methodologies (Sponsored by Sri Konda Laxman Telangana State Horticultural University)01-06-202105-06-2021Dr. D. Thammi Raju View Details
477Budget Utilization Planning03-06-202105-06-2021MR. Khilzi Z. H View Details
478MDP on Biodiversity and Environmental Laws for Agricultural Researchers07-06-202109-06-2021Dr. Krishnan P View Details
480Entrepreneurship Development for Agri. Students of SKLTSHU14-06-202118-06-2021Dr. N Sivaramane View Details
485MDP on Leadership Development (a Pre-RMP Programme)14-06-202125-06-2021Dr. P. Ramesh View Details
482MDP on Business Plan Development and Accelerating FPOs/FPCs (Online Mode)21-06-202126-06-2021Dr. Ranjit Kumar View Details
483Training Programme on Administrative and Finance Management for Section Officers/ AAO/ AFAOs/Assistants of ICAR Headquarters/Institutes (Online Mode)24-06-202126-06-2021Mr. B D Phansal View Details
496Online Training Programme on Reservation In Service including Reservation Rosters (Online Mode)28-06-202130-06-2021Mr. B D Phansal View Details
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489Sensitization of Agri Scientist on Entrepreneurship Development and Start-up Ecosystem (Online Mode)05-07-202109-07-2021Dr. N Sivaramane View Details
498Business Planning and Strategy Formulation for FPOs/FPCs (Online Mode)05-07-202109-07-2021Dr. Ranjit Kumar View Details
490Training Programme on Stress Management (Online Mode)06-07-202109-07-2021Dr. P. Ramesh View Details
479Programming of Web & Mobile Applications using Low-code Platforms (Online Mode)07-07-202112-07-2021Dr. M Balakrishnan View Details
494Training Programme on RTI (Online Mode)15-07-202116-07-2021Mr. B D Phansal View Details
486Training Workshop on Effective Implementation of Social Safeguard plans (Sponsored under NAHEP) (Online Mode)23-07-202124-07-2021Dr. Surya Rathore View Details
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509Online Training Programme on Budget Utilisation Procedure09-08-202111-08-2021MR. Khilzi Z. H View Details
503Training Workshop for Vigilance Officers of ICAR Institutes (Online Mode)16-08-202118-08-2021Dr. Senthil Vinayagam View Details
528Training Programme on MDP on Formation of FPO/FPC and Preparing its Business Plan - for KVKs of Rajasthan, Haryana and Delhi (Online Mode)17-08-202124-08-2021Dr. Sanjiv Kumar View Details
505Training Programme on Advances in Extension Research and Evaluation Methodology (Online Mode)23-08-202101-09-2021Dr. Venkatesan P. View Details
506Training Workshop on Response Surface Methodology (Online Mode)24-08-202126-08-2021Dr. A. Dhandapani View Details
507Training Programme on Design Thinking for Research Project Formulation and Implementation (Online Mode)24-08-202128-08-2021Dr. SK Soam View Details
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529MDP on Intellectual Property Valuation and Technology Management (Online Mode)02-09-202107-09-2021Dr. Umesh Hudedamani View Details
514Training Programme on “IMPLICATIONS of NEW LABOUR CODES, 2020 FOR ICAR " for Administrative and Finance Officers of ICAR (Online Mode)06-09-202108-09-2021MR. Khilzi Z. H View Details
516MDP on Administrative and Financial Management for Deputy Secretaries, Chief Admn. Officers, Chief Finance & Accounts Officers, SAOs, under Secretaries & SFAOs (Online Mode)13-09-202117-09-2021Mr. B D Phansal View Details
510Training on Application of Bioinformatics in Agricultural Research and Education (Organized by SKILL-BIF, ICAR-NAARM) (Online Mode)20-09-202124-09-2021Dr. M Balakrishnan View Details
530Competence Enhancement Programme on Soft Skills and Personality Development for T1-T4 Staff of ICAR (Online Mode)20-09-202125-09-2021Mr. Danam Murari View Details
517MDP on Market Research & Value Chain Management of Agricultural Commodities (Online Mode)21-09-202125-09-2021Dr. Ganesh Kumar B View Details
518Training Programme for Administrative and Finance Management for Section Officers/AAO/AFAOs/ Assistants of ICAR (Online Mode)21-09-202125-09-2021Mr. B D Phansal View Details
519Training Programme on Education Management and Academic Leadership- (under NAHEP) (Online mode)23-09-202128-09-2021Dr. D. Thammi Raju View Details
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512Training Programme on Innovations in Educational Technology (Online Mode)04-10-202108-10-2021Dr. Senthil Vinayagam View Details
520Training Programme on Data Analysis in Social Sciences Research (Online mode)04-10-202108-10-2021Dr. N Sivaramane View Details
523Training Programme on Soft Skills for Extension Professionals (Online mode)21-10-202130-10-2021Dr. B.S. Sontakki View Details
524Training Programme on Sustainable Management of Small Scale Seed Enterprises (Online mode)25-10-202129-10-2021Dr. Srinivas Tavva View Details
525MDP on Priority Setting Monitoring and Evaluation (PME) of Agricultural Research Projects (Online mode)25-10-202130-10-2021Dr. Krishnan P View Details
526Training Programme on Technical Service Rules (Online mode)28-10-202129-10-2021Mr. B D Phansal View Details
527Training Workshop on Analysis of Multi-Location Experiments (Online Mode)28-10-202130-10-2021Dr. A. Dhandapani View Details
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540Senior Executive Development Programme on Leadership in Higher Agricultural Education (Online Mode)15-11-202118-11-2021Dr. Venkateshwarlu G View Details
550Training Workshop on Official Language (Rajha Bhasha) (Online Mode)15-11-202115-11-2021Mr. Pradeep Singh View Details
541MDP for Project Coordinators of AICRP/ Network Projects (Online Mode)23-11-202127-11-2021Dr. Venkateshwarlu G and Dr. A. Dhandapani View Details
542MDP on Intellectual Property Valuation and Technology Management (Online Mode)23-11-202127-11-2021Dr. Umesh Hudedamani View Details
533Workshop on India's National Water Policy – Issues and Suggestions25-11-202126-11-2021Dr. K Kareemulla and Dr. Ravichandran S View Details
536Training Programme On Motivation, Positive Thinking and Communication Skills for Technical officers (T-5 and above) (Online Mode)25-11-202130-11-2021Dr. Basith M.A. View Details
PIDProgramme NameFromToCourse Directors NameView Details
534Advances in web and mobile application development (Online Mode)06-12-202110-12-2021Dr. Srinivasa Rao N View Details
551Online Training Programme on Enhancing Resilience through Entrepreneurship (Online Mode)06-12-202110-12-2021Dr. Vijay Avinashilingam View Details
546Training Programme on Science Communication (Online Mode)07-12-202110-12-2021Dr. Krishnan P View Details
532Training Programme onManagement Development Programme on Leadership Development (A pre-RMP) (Online Mode)13-12-202124-12-2021Dr. Alok Kumar View Details
548Training Programme on Impact Assessment of Agricultural Research and Technologies on (Online Mode)18-12-202122-12-2021Dr. Sekar Iyyapa View Details
PIDProgramme NameFromToCourse Directors NameView Details
556Training Programme on Impactful ICT Applications and Technologies in Agriculture (Online Mode)03-01-202207-01-2022Dr. Sumanth Kumar V V View Details
531Training Programme on Data Visualization in Agribusiness and Agricultural Research (Online mode)17-01-202222-01-2022Dr. Sanjiv Kumar View Details
552Training programme on Analysis of Experimental Data (Online mode)17-01-202222-01-2022Dr. Ravichandran S View Details
557MDP for Newly Recruited Senior Scientist & Heads of KVKs 18-01-202201-02-2022Dr. Venkatesan P. View Details
561Training Programme on Nurturing Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in Universities (Online Mode)18-01-202222-01-2022Dr. Surya Rathore View Details
562MDP on Intellectual Property Valuation and Technology Management (Online Mode)18-01-202222-01-2022Dr. Umesh Hudedamani View Details
559ICAR Sponsored Winter School on Advances in Social Science Research and Evaluation25-01-202214-02-2022Dr. Venkatesan P. View Details
PIDProgramme NameFromToCourse Directors NameView Details
566"Faculty Development Programme" for the Faculty Members of RAJUVAS, Bikaner (Online Mode)02-02-202209-02-2022Dr. RVS Rao View Details
564Online Training programme on Geospatial Analysis using QGIS & R14-02-202219-02-2022Dr. P.D. Sreekanth View Details
553Training programme on Competency Enhancement Programme for Effective Implementation of Training Functions by HRD Nodal Officers of ICAR (Online Mode)21-02-202223-02-2022Dr. RVS Rao View Details
567Training Workshop on Research Infrastructure in Agriculture & Allied Sectors (Online Mode)21-02-202223-02-2022Dr. K Kareemulla View Details
558Training Programme on Recent Advances in Organic Farming Research (Online Mode)22-02-202226-02-2022Dr. Ramesh Naik View Details
568Workshop on Official Language (Rajha Bhasha)- (Online Mode)25-02-202226-02-2022Mr. Pradeep Singh View Details
PIDProgramme NameFromToCourse Directors NameView Details
565Enhancement of Teaching Competencies of Agri Faculty(Online)01-03-202205-03-2022Dr. D. Thammi Raju View Details
569Training Workshop on Data Visualization using R (Online Mode)09-03-202211-03-2022Dr. yashvanth B S View Details
570Extension Programme Planning - A Systems Perspective (Online Mode)22-03-202226-03-2022Dr. Vijay Avinashilingam View Details
571Training Programme on WTO & Food Security: Challenges, Research Strategies & Policies (Online Mode)25-03-202230-03-2022Dr. Dastagiri M.B. View Details

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