Instructions for applying for NAARM Training Programmes

Interested persons can use the on-line Training Management Information System (TMIS) to apply for the training programmes conducted by the Academy. The URL for this is

Figure 1 - First Page
Step 1: Registration

All trainees must register before applying for the training programme. One can use the "Register' link shown in the first page of Fill in the registration form (Figure 2). It is strongly recommended to use your email address as user name for easy remembrance. After filling, press submit button.

Step 2: Login to Training Management Information System

After registration, use Login link provided in the first page and fill in your provide the username and password. A default page will appear (as in Figure 3).

Step 3: Apply for a training programme

The training calendar for the current year is available under the link, "Training Calendar". The details of the training programme are available under View Details (Figure 4). To apply for a training programme, use the button, "Apply Now". One can use the "Apply" link also to apply. (Figure 5). Fill in the rest of the form and submit it. A PDF file will open within the browser or downloaded to your machine. One can take a print out of the PDF form (Figure 6) and sign it and forward it through proper channel. The filled in Application form can be downloaded at any time using the link "Download Application" (Figure 7).

Figure 2 - New User Registration

Figure 3 - First page after login

Figure 4 - Details of a training programme

Figure 5 - Application form

Figure 6 - Filled in Application form in PDF

Figure 7 - Download Application form

If you have any difficulties in submitting application through online please contact