Programme Tile National Workshop on Policy Perspective on Farm Subsidies in India vis a vis Other Countries: Issues and Way Forward
Course Directors Dr. Srinivas Tavva and Dr. K Kareemulla and Dr. Ch Srinivasa Rao
Programme Details
EligibilitySenior Agricultural Economists from ICAR Institutes, ICSSR Institutes, Universities, Senior Officers from different State Govt. involved in Policy decisions
Course FeeRs.2500/- Per Participant - Coming from AUs, NGOs and Startups Rs.5000/- Per Participant- Coming from Industry/ Corporate Sector
Core ContentsAn Overview of Farm Subsidies in India with respect to Other Countries; Agreement on Agriculture (AoA) in WTO with special reference to Aggregate Measurement of Support (AMS) and lessons for India; Impact of farm subsidies on capital investment in Agriculture; Policy perspective on the need for rationalization of farm subsidies and road map. The policy / Research base Paper Prepared will be workshop background paper