Programme Tile Online Training Programme on Budget Utilisation Procedure
Course Directors MR. Khilzi Z. H
Programme Details
Eligibility(i) All category of Administrative and Finance Officers (ii) Others willing to expand their knowledge may also participate
Course FeeFee details are available in Programme Brochures
Core Contents(i) procedure for Budget estimates to its final approval by Parliament, (ii) Principles and practices of remittance from ICAR/MOF, (iii) Role of DARE in ICAR Finances, (iv) How to distinguish Capital and Revenue Expenditure, (v) Significance of EFC and its procedures for approval, (vi) What if some items are not approved in EFC but to be purchased on urgency? , (vii) Role of Institute committee(BUC) for effective utilisation of Budget, (viii) How to Resolve conflict in Admn/Finance in Budget utilisation