Programme Tile MDP on Developing Winning Research Proposals (In-person Mode)
Course Directors Dr. SK Soam
Programme Details
EligibilityScientists, Faculty Members and Researchers from Agricultural and General Universities, NGOs and Autonomous Research Institutes.
Course FeeIn-Person Mode: *Rs.8000/- + 18% GST Per Participant –Coming from Aus, Dus, SAUs or Public/Private Uni./Institutions Rs.16000/- + 18% GST Per Participant- Coming from Industry/ Corporate Sector *Rs.12,000/-+18% GST Per Participant Coming from Start
Core ContentsContextual understanding, sharing the winning type research proposals, research project/program planning with stakeholders; clarifying research objectives at conceptual & implementation level; group-thinking using Research Concept Writer, Logframe Writer, AHP Analyser.