Programme Tile Training Programme on Analysis of Experimental Data (On-line Mode – Staggered)
Course Directors Dr. Ravichandran S
Programme Details
EligibilityStudents/researchers/Assistant Professors/Scientists working in the field of Agricultural sciences. Participants should possess some prior knowledge of computers and R software.
Course FeeOn-line Mode: *Rs.2500/- + 18% GST Per Participant –Coming from Aus, NGOs and Startups *Rs.5000/- + 18% GST Per Participant- Coming from Industry/ Corporate Sector *Rs. 1000/- + 18% GST Per Participant Farmers, Students & FPO Members
Core ContentsBasic Principles of Experimentation. Visualization of experimental data. Tests of significance and Analysis of Variance. Response Surface Designs Assumption checking and handling of problem data. Communication of research results.