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Vigilance Awareness Week in NAARM

(30 अक्टूबर/ October- 04 नवम्बर/ November 2017)

मेरा लक्ष्य-   भ्रष्टाचार मुक्त भारत/ My Vision- Corruption Free India

Day-wise Programme

Action/Event Date/time/Venue Coordinator
1.ePledge 26-30 Oct &1.11.17 Vigilance Officer
2.Pledge on Vigilance
Hindi- Vigilance Officer
English- Director
30.10.17, 1100 hrs
Conference Hall (Adm. Buildg.)
Shri Ashish Roy
3.Banners at gates, posters in ASRB meeting hall 30 Oct- 01.11.2017 Dr Vijender Reddy
4.Debate among PGDMA students on theme 31.10.2017, 3-4PM
Faculty center
Dr M. Balakrishna
5.Elocution on theme among TNAU students 02.11.17, 2-3PM
Faculty center
Dr Laxman Ahire
6.Essay on theme for about 1500 words (for faculty/officers/staff members)- in English, Hindi and Telugu 03.11.17, 3-4.00 PM
Faculty center
Mr Shekhar Reddy
7.Painting competition among Krishi High School students on theme 03.11.17, 11-12 AM
Faculty center
Dr Laxman Ahire
8.Gram Sabha, Awareness camp at Vemula Narva 03.11.17, 10-12 AM
At adopted village
Dr VKJ Rao
9.Sensitization workshop and closing ceremony. Certificate distribution by  Chief Guest- Shri Rajan Agrawal, Chief Vigilance Officer (DARE/ICAR) 04.11.17, 1030-1145 hrs,
Conference Hall (Adm. Buildg.)
Dr Vijender Reddy

Judges for events:


Certificate of NAARM Adopt Integrity Pledge


Pledge on Vigilance

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