WEB MEETING FACILITY (on-demand Cloud services)

Web Meeting Server

This solution is for low band-width situation or for conducting webinar.

This facility can be used to conduct webinar/class/meeting upto 200 users concurrently  in real-time, sharing high-quality voice, video and data on any device they choose— from cell phones to standards- based group systems. Easy to use even by novice users.

It involves a simple to use interactive display/whiteboard that facilitates so that a teacher to use multiple formats viz., presentations, whiteboard and any computer based resource like videos with all the functionalities like multi-coloured annotation, selective removal content on board, curtain, spotlight tools. It also facilitates to pair a mobile device and teach through mobile.

The session recording is done by unmanned automated cameras remotely from a control room and can be stored in digital format. This saves a lot of manpower for camera capturing or adding on-the fly multimedia effects and storing the content in digital format in near- final product form

It is not necessary that someone from the availing institute/organization to be present physically here as they can also join remotely and use it from their end.In case, the availing institute wants to use other facilities, the same can also be arranged (such as class rooms, video cameras etc.). Also, organizations wanted to broadcast their classrooms, can also use this facility. Meetings can be scheduled in advance.

Services offered
1. Recording of the meeting
2. Desktop sharing, voice, video, audio, chatting facilities.

Instructions for Availing Facility
Send request for availing facility addressing Director, ICAR-NAARM at least 2 days before in advance

For Usage Charges and other details, contact
Dr. A. Dhandapani,
Principal Scientist &
Officer-in-Charge (Computers & Network Services),
Rajendragar, Hyderabad – 500 030
Phone : 040-24581339

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