The One Year  Diploma in Technology Management in Agriculture (DTMA) is a two- semester course jointly offered by NAARM and UoH, the two leading institutions of the country on a distance learning mode. The intake of students to the programme will be limited to a maximum number of one hundred excluding the sponsored candidates. However, the NAARM and UoH reserve the right to decide the exact number of students to be admitted to the programme depending on the demand for the course and its course delivery capacity. The programme offers an excellent opportunity to systematically study the subject of technology management in agriculture and understand the intricacies of   building and managing intellectual property.

The aim of the course is to build and further the skills of students, researchers, policy makers, IP and technology transfer practitioners as professionals to enable them to handle successfully Intellectual Property and Technology Management assignments in agriculture and related enterprises.

The course is structured to create a ‘bridge professional’ for innovation management who can identify, develop and manage IP assets for leveraging them for technology transfer and commercialization in agriculture and related industries.

The students graduating from DTMA will have opportunity to enroll for membership in Society for Technology Management (STEM), an organization that facilitates and promotes successful technology transfer processes and best practices in technology management in India.

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